The BJP informed the Elections Commission that TMC’s social media post “carried personal details” about Rekha Patra, the party’s candidate for Basirhat. The TMC “mocked her for being a beneficiary of a health scheme,” according to the report.

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The Trinamool Congress (TMC) and BJP candidate Rekha Patra’s personal information was made public. The BJP filed a complaint against the TMC on Monday with the Indian Elections Commission (EC). A “very derogatory post” on X shared by TMC Social Media Incharge Debganshu Bhattacharya and the party’s official handle was flagged by the BJP to the attention of the EC.


“The post made fun of Ms. Rekha Patra, the BJP candidate from Basirhat [in West Bengal], for receiving health benefits and contained her personal information. The BJP said in its complaint that the State Government had acted maliciously and dishonestly in order to portray her negatively through the Swasthya Sarthi and Duare Sarkar Scheme.

It was a “blatant violation of her right to privacy wherein her personal details, including her personal phone number and her bank details, were also published,” according to the saffron party.

The question posed by the BJP was, “How did a political party access this confidential governmental private data of beneficiaries?” The BJP made reference to the issue and charged that the TMC had violated “fundamental rights guaranteed by the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, the Indian Constitution, the Indian Penal Code, Electoral Laws, and the MCC.”

It stated that the TMC’s behavior “is a matter of great concern and is in contravention to the settled principles of Free & Fair elections with level playing field for all contesting parties.” The dispute started right before the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections.

The controversial tweet from TMC

The TMC’s tweet from March 28 was the subject of the BJP’s reference. TMC claimed in the post that Rekha Patra, the BJP’s Basirhat MP candidate, “plays the ultimate game of hypocrisy, enjoying the benefits of Mamata Banerjee’s schemes while aligning herself with Delhi’s JOMIDARS (BJP).”

The post also poked fun at Prime Minister Narendra Modi by comparing the West Bengal Chief Minister’s Swasthya Sathi scheme to the Center’s Ayushman Bharat scheme, labelling it a “failure”.

The next time you call PM Narendra Modi, remember to ask her about her Swasthya Sathi card. It could clarify to you why our leader’s creation, Swasthya Sathi, is superior to the botched Ayushman Bharat project, the TMC wrote.

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To demonstrate that Patra is a recipient of the state government’s program, the TMC has included a screenshot of her personal information.

In response to the TMC’s social media post, Chief of the National Commission for Women Rekha Sharma questioned whether Mamata Banerjee is funding the recipients “from her own pocket?”

“Is Mamata Banerjee making the payment with her own money? That money belongs to taxpayers and is for each and every West Bengali person. Is it exclusive to AITC employees? And by “Delhi’s Jomidars,” what do you mean? Does West Bengal belong in India? Sharma wrote on X, “You people act like Momta Benarji is the owner of the state.

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